Video Proxy Unblocker

We perfectly know the annoyance of firewall restrictions, preventing access to popular websites like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. You might have been wondering how to get on YouTube from school computers, or just to be anonymous in your favorite site. Well, your search ends here; Our SSL enabled video proxy lets you get around school censorship, while at the same time keeping your privacy intact. You are completely anonymous to the outside world, without compromising a tiny bit of accessibility. Furthermore we direct data through 256bit encrypted SSL tunnel to strengthen the browsing security.

When you type a web address and hit 'Go' - this proxy unblocker makes a request behalf of you and fetches the real content. Technically speaking, it's a secure tunnel where sensitive data such as your IP address and other traceable information are well concealed. You only access our website; they never can log you as we do not disclose private data to third parties.

No more wondering about how to unblock websites. Be it at your school, college, campus or office. We are for you to access blocked websites.

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Yes, we welcome your feedback, for that allows us to improve and provide a better service.

Please feel free to use the contact form send us your thoughts.

Web filters are smart enough, a new proxy site will not survive that long before it appears in the blacklist. That's the very reason we have lots of wise men and women subscribed to yahoo group, to be the first to get their hands on fresh new proxies. Hurry to join our yahoo group Unblockers and get ahead of the rest.

New Unblockers

We are here to protect your freedom of expression, not to provide a tool to carry out all those dirty tricks of abuse. Please read our legal terms of use and privacy policy which you have to abide by.

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